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We compared all our options and for the metrics we need, SM2 clearly has the most complete data.

SM2's servers gather and analyze over 60 million new posts each day. And every customer has access to every post - that's 41 billion conversations going back five years.

Unrivaled Scale

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? Of course SM2's social network monitoring has you covered. But the conversations that impact your business are happening all over the internet - on personal blogs, message boards, commentary and video sites. SM2 scans 250 million different sources.

Designate your own key sites for high-frequency indexing. Flag others as distracting noise, and SM2 will purge them from your reports.

Five Years of Historical Data

The most complete historical database of social media posts available. We don't limit your searches to 90 days like other tools, because we think it's important to learn from the past:

  • Use last year's data as a baseline to measure the effectiveness of next year's marketing.

The Most Flexibility

SM2 doesn't limit the number of searches you can run. Go ahead and fill up your stored result limit, export that data, and start a new search.  Every customer has access to every post in our database. And you can run as many reports as you like.